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Massage Calgary

Maggie's skilled therapists use their hands to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness. Our customized therapeutic massage treatments are designed to address specific areas of concern and provide lasting relief. Whether you're dealing with an injury, chronic discomfort, or simply seeking to enhance your physical and mental well-being, our team of experts is here to help. Book a therapeutic massage appointment in Calgary today and let us help you feel your best.

Let us help you achieve your wellness goals

Pain Management

Stress Relief

Improve Sleep

Increase Circulation

Maggie is excellent with what she does with therapeutic massage in Calgary and very professional. The place is very clean and relaxing. I’d return back and bring in more people!

Khurram Dossani

Happy Customer

Therapeutic Massage in North Calgary

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90 Minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

Bamboo Massage

Infrared Sauna

Therapeutic Massage Benefits

What Sets Our Therapeutic Massage Apart

We offer personalized and highly effective therapeutic massage services that cater to your unique needs. Our experienced therapists utilize a variety of techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate pain, improve circulation, enhance immune function, and promote better sleep. With a relaxing atmosphere, high-quality products, and affordable pricing, our massage experience sets us apart from the competition. Book your appointment today and experience the exceptional benefits of therapeutic massage at Maggie's Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage FAQs

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage that focuses on treating specific health conditions or injuries, as opposed to a general relaxation massage. It involves applying pressure to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility.

What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage has numerous benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, decreasing pain and inflammation, improving range of motion and flexibility, and promoting relaxation.

What can I expect during a therapeutic massage session?

During a therapeutic massage session, you will lie on a massage table while the therapist applies pressure to your muscles and other soft tissues using a variety of techniques, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. The therapist will often use a lubricant, such as oil or lotion, to help facilitate the massage.

How often should I receive therapeutic massage?

The frequency of therapeutic massage sessions depends on your individual needs and goals. Some people benefit from regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions, while others may only need occasional maintenance sessions. Your therapist can help you determine the best frequency of massage for your specific situation.

Is therapeutic massage covered by insurance?

Some health insurance plans do cover therapeutic massage, particularly if it is prescribed by a doctor as part of a treatment plan for a specific medical condition. It's important to check with your insurance provider to determine what types of massage therapy are covered and to what extent.

Are there any risks associated with therapeutic massage?

While therapeutic massage is generally safe for most people, there are some risks associated with the practice. These include bruising, soreness, and discomfort in the muscles after the massage, as well as more serious risks such as blood clots, nerve damage, and injury to internal organs if the massage is performed incorrectly. It's important to choose a qualified and experienced massage therapist who can ensure that the massage is safe and effective for you.

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